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The Grand Court and the Order of Amaranth in Louisiana is a fraternal, philanthropic and social order.  We are fraternal; our membership is limited.  We are philanthropic; we raise money for charitable causes.  And social because we have meetings and other exciting activities.

To become a member one must be a Master Mason in good standing in a lodge that is recognized by the Grand Lodge of Louisiana or a female relation of a Master Mason who is at least 18 years of age or on the recommendation of two Master Masons; or a woman not related to a Master Mason, but whom can be recommended by two Master Masons  One must profess a belief in a Supreme Being.

We raise money for numerous worthy causes, however hour main effort is to raise money for
the Amaranth Diabetes Foundation which assures that every penny we raise goes toward Diabetes Research.

In Louisiana we have Courts in Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles and Courts planned for the Alexandria area.  The courts share in visitation and helping with the Stated Meetings.
In addition to Stated Meetings many other activities are scheduled through the year.
Many are to raise money for our Fight Against Diabetes, however others are just for fun.
Another thing that distinguishes Amaranth from other organizations are the friendships that develop over the years.  These friendships are very special and may span the country or the globe.

If you are a Master Mason or the relative of a Master Mason and you are looking for an organization that you both can share, consider the Order of the Amaranth.

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